Concierge Etiquette Coaching July 18th, 2022

Why do we call what we do “Concierge Etiquette Coaching”?
The concierge at your favorite hotel translates, designs a guest specific itinerary, and provides advice and guidance. He knows everything about the best places to go, the best food, the best things to do, and the best ways to get there. This is exactly the approach we take with our clients.  We design a specialized plan for you and your dog using our proven methods based on years of experience and continuing education.


Etiquette or Obedience – What’s the Difference?
Obedience training gives the owner control over their dog through a system of reinforcement and aversion. The goal of this type of training is to create a dog that is submissive to his owner or handler and will respond to commands. Negative behaviors are minimized through aversion. The results are a dog who can obey commands and be controlled by his owner or handler.

Etiquette coaching takes a different approach.  Our goal is to help your dog become confident and consistent, with a built in system of behaviors and cues learned through games and play with you.